Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a versatile photographer and enjoy working with all challenges that are sent my way. My portfolio shows a range of photographs I have taken in different scenarios and environments to show the range of my photographic interests. 

Other photographic and videography work can be found at where I work with Emily Wright creating videos and other visual art influenced by music and art.

Please contact me on the information below if you would like to discuss any potential work or collaborative opportunities. I deal with all projects individually to ensure that price quotes are accurate.



The pictures came out really great and I loved the whole photoshoot experience. I was able to choose whether I wanted portrait or landscape photos with a black or white screen background. I liked the fact that I was asked what the photos were for so that my requirements could be met during the photoshoot, in this case for my portfolio. Very pleased overall!
— M. Munyaami
Reuben has a great eye and is really clear at giving instructions and directions. I feel really comfortable working with him and would recommend him to everyone!
— R. Clements
... the photos you did were very good. Thank you very much again!!!!
— Claudio Lici