What is H07V-K Cable

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Structure of H07V-K cable

In fact, the H07V-K cable structure is very similar to the H07V-R cable and H07V-U cable. They are all composed of copper conductors and polyvinyl chloride insulation. However, the conductor types in these two types of cables are different. The conductor of H07V-K cable is a Class 5 flexible copper conductor that complies with IEC 60227. It is very soft and delicate, so you can get H07V-K cable which is very flexible. The H07v-r cable uses Class 2 laminated ordinary annealed copper conductors. The H07V-U cable uses Class 1 solid copper conductor as the core wire. It is more powerful but less flexible than the other two. However, they are all very common building wires.


Superior Application of H07V-K Cable

The H07V-K cable has good chemical stability. It is resistant to acid, alkali, oil, and flame. So these wires have a wide range of applications. You can lay the H07V-K cable in semi embedded sleeves, open sleeves, embedded sleeves, and enclosed cables. Suitable for indoor fixed installation in dry places, electrical equipment, distribution boards, and distributors. It should be installed in surface mounted or embedded conduits for protected fixed installation inside or above the lighting device. Suitable for installation in machines with rated voltages up to 1.000 V AC or up to 750 V DC to ground. Cannot be used for installation under walls.

This type of cable is very suitable for indoor wiring, as well as lighting, control cabinets, distribution boxes, and equipment wiring. In addition, we can also use H07V-K cables for internal wiring in electrical appliances and distribution boards. You will find multiple colors to choose from, such as black, white, blue, brown, orange, green, purple, and pink. You can choose the color you need. Someone wants to buy a dual color H07V-K cable. However, except for the combination of green and yellow, everything else is not allowed. Therefore, you need to specify the H07V-K cable specifications and colors when placing an order.


These H07V-K cables are very lightweight and have excellent bending performance. In addition, the structure of the H07V-K cable is very simple, so installing and maintaining the wire will be very convenient and fast. Due to the similarity in structure between H07V-U cable and H07V-K cable, there is also a high demand for this type of wire.

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