What is Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable

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Low smoke and halogen free power cables can also be called environmentally friendly cables, low smoke and halogen free cables are mostly used in important occasions with high environmental requirements. Low-smoke halogen-free cable referred to as LSZH, LSOH, LSOH, LSFH and OHLS, low-smoke halogen-free wires sheathed by the heat of the low smoke emission, and its own halogen-free thermoplastic or thermosetting composition, which can reduce in the natural burning of toxic, corrosive gases.


Low smoke and halogen-free has the following characteristics:

1. Halogen-Free:

The use of green insulation, sheath and special oxygen barrier materials, not only has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, and to ensure that the product does not contain halogens, to solve the combustion of the formation of the "secondary pollution", to avoid the traditional PVC wire combustion produces carcinogenic "dioxin" substances.

2. Low Smoke and Low Toxicity

Adopting the new special coated material which is non-polluting to the environment, it will not produce toxic gases during production, use and burning, and the acid gas emitted is very little, which reduces the harm to the personnel and equipment. Especially concentrated occasions, it is very necessary to use low-smoke halogen-free cable.

3. Low Smoke and Low Toxicity:

The use of new special coating materials that do not pollute the environment, the production, use of the process and the natural burning will not produce toxic gases, the emission of acid gas is very small, reducing the harm to personnel and equipment. Especially concentrated occasions, it is very necessary to use low-smoke halogen-free cable.

4. High Flame Retardancy:

Halogen-free low-smoke cable to fully ensure its high fire requirements of the building requirements, the fire cable is not easy to burn, and can prevent the spread of flames after combustion and the expansion of the disaster.

What are the Halogen Free and Low Smoke Cable Models

Halogen-free cables are primarily used in the military, aerospace, railroad, and maritime sectors. Poorly ventilated areas such as airplanes, military vehicles, submarines, and ships are often (and sometimes must be) sheathed in cost-effective, low-smoke, halogen-free jackets. In addition, low-smoke halogen-free sheathing is also widely used in underground tunnels with high-voltage or track signaling lines in the railroad system. By using low-smoke halogen-free sheath in such areas, you can reduce the possibility of toxic gas buildup when the cable fire.

1. Low smoke halogen-free power cable models are:

Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant power cables: 


Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant fire-resistant power cables:


Note: There are three kinds of flame retardant grade A,B,C.

2. Low-smoke halogen-free control cable models are:

Low smoke halogen free flame retardant control cable:


Low smoke and halogen free flame retardant and fire resistant control cable:


Note: There are three kinds of flame retardant grade A,B,C.

3. Low smoke halogen-free home improvement wire models are:


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