VDE Approval H07RN-F Cable Heavy-duty Rubber Flexible Cable

一、 H07RN-F is a type of rubber wire, which is a European national standard wire commonly referred to as VDE rubber wire, rubber sheathed cable, rubber wire, outdoor rubber wire, etc. It has high flexibility and is resistant to weather, oil/grease, mechanical and thermal stress. The highest temperature is 90 degrees, which is also a high-temperature resistant cable. The scope of use includes processing equipment, mobile power supplies, construction sites, stage and audio-visual equipment, port areas, and dams. It is also suitable for gypsum fixed installations, temporary buildings and residential buildings, drainage and sewage treatment in military camps, cold environments, and harsh industrial environments.

H07RN-F_nanyang cable 1.jpg

二、 Product structure and basic usage characteristics:


1. Rated voltage: 450/750V;

2. Conductor material: multi stranded soft copper core conductor

3. Insulation material: EPDM rubber

4. Sheath material: Neoprene rubber (PCP)

5. Product scope of use: various LED indoor and outdoor lighting (buried lights, diving lights, lawn lights, stage lights, wall washing lights, swimming pool lights, spotlights, mosquito control lights, waterproof power supply, etc.) and various household appliances: Pressure cooking, light wave oven, electric frying pan, electric iron, microwave oven, oven, Submersible pump, toaster and various electric tools.

6. Main characteristics of the product: sunscreen, waterproof, oil resistant, temperature resistant, cold resistant, UV resistant, aging resistant, flame retardant;

7. Core identification:

  1-core: black

  2-core: brown, blue
  3-core: green/yellow, brown, blue
  4-core: green/yellow, black, blue, brown
  5-cores: green/yellow, black, blue, brown, black

H07RN-F_nanyang cable 2.jpg